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REHABpreneur Podcast

Jul 3, 2019

Recap of 2-Day REHABpreneur Live Online Summit

Today, I’m going to talk about the recap of the REHABpreneur Live Online Summit held last June 29 and 30, 2019. Several business owners with different business models came together in this awesome event to explain their different ways in doing their businesses and how they make money.


If you are a physical therapist (PT), an occupational therapist (OT), or a speech therapist and you’re in the fence of running to start a business and you don’t know what to do or where to start with so much noise around you, the online summit is for you. You can also check the replay to the link below if you were not able to join the online summit.

Anthony Maritato, PT

“Medicare + Cash”


Anthony (or Tony) spoke about Medicare and Cash -- how do you build Medicare,how do you build Cash, and where do you draw the line.


Prior to his talk, I have no clue on how to do that, and he showed it with his presentation. In my practice, I don’t build Medicare and I don’t build Cash as I build the Home Health Contracting straight up, but Tony basically laid out the plan and how someone can do it.


If you want to create another source of income, Tony pitches you from zero to Billing Medicare in a few weeks through his course.

Dr. Jessica Drummond, DCN, CNS, PT

“Pelvic/Women’s Health”


I didn’t realize that Jessica has a program that basically lays out for you what you need to do if you want to get into Pelvic and Women’s Health business. You gotta check it out because this business will blow up and is already blowing up.


How many therapists do you know who are currently doing Pelvic and Women’s Health? Not a lot. I’m telling you that this is the right time to get into it, to know and understand how can you tap into their market. Regardless if you are a female or a male therapist, there are different niches that you can get into.

Asha Gummadi, PT MS, NCS

“Telehealth for Rehab Professionals”


If you don’t know her, Asha is the winner of the National Geographic's “Chasing Genius Unlimited Innovation” Award. She won the award because she solved the problem in India on how you can deliver healthcare to hard-to-reach areas with people who needs help.


This is why she came up with a telehealth software called Therex Portal. This therapist is a problem solver. If you think about it, that's who we are. As therapists, we are all problem solvers.


This is the reason why I came up with the REHABpreneur Summit. Why did I put all this therapists together and talk about our business models? It is because I want to solve the problem of not knowing what to do, not knowing where to start, or not having time.


If you're a therapist and you're thinking that you don't have time, I'm gonna tell you this: You have 24 hours and I have 24 hours. I don't have 20 hours a day as we all have the same 24 hours a day. If we were able to do it, there's no excuse for you: you can do it as well.


If your excuse is having kids, I have kids, too. My wife and I raised our kids and they’re now 19 and 15 years old and we're still raising them. There's no excuse.


It's really dependent on how bad you want it, how bad do you want to change your situation. If you're satisfied working your 9-to-5 job and that's all you want to do until you retire and be dependent on the corporate system and get a paycheck, and that's your plan, if that's what you want to do then you don't need to listen to any business models or anyone who's separated from the 9-to-5 job.


But if you are tired of your 9-to-5 job, putting up with these impossible productivity, and wasting your time on stuff you don't really love but you have to do it because you have to make money, then you got to make a change. But how are you going to make a change if you're not even willing to learn what others have done?


Ask yourself: Is this for me? You have to ask yourself. You got to look at what's out there and then ask yourself if this is for you.

Scott Harmon, OT

“Outpatient Clinics”


Scott was the first presenter and he talked about how you can start an Outpatient Therapy business. He owns three clinics in Arkansas. Did he owned three clinics overnight? No, he started with one. Did I have up to 30 patients overnight? No, I started with one. You just gotta start with one. Actually, you just have to start.


Scott will teach you how you can start an Outpatient Therapy Clinic, whether it's pediatrics or geriatrics. He lays down what you need to do from beginning to the end. 


There's no excuse and saying “I don't know what to do” if someone has done it before. You just got to learn from someone who's done it before. 

Engelbert De Vera, PT

“Home Health Contract Business”


We spoke about how you can start your own home health contract business, which is what I do. I contract with home health agencies. I have more than 100 therapists all over Texas. All PRN working for me. I can sleep well at night.


How the heck did I do that? I spoke about that and how you can do this without giving up your job. How can you start a business without diving in 100% and giving up your ability to make money? We don't want you to do that.


I don't want you to start a business and quit tomorrow and then hope that you're going to make money. Don't do that, especially if you're a family man or a family woman, you have a family to feed, you have bills to pay, or you have student loans to pay.


There's ways to do it gradually until you get to a point where you can decide that it's time to go one hundred percent. There's ways to do that. You can start a side hustle.

Dr. Will Boyd and Dr. Alex Engar

“Marketing Your Rehab Business”


Now, let's get into how can you get clients. Alex Engar and Will Boyd spoke about marketing and how you can get clients. Where can you find doctors of physical therapy talking about marketing? I'm not gonna go to a marketer who doesn't know anything about our industry.


Alex and Will basically showed us what you need to do. Is it all theory? No, it's not a theory. I'm one of their clients. I used to have few clients I was struggling with marketing, but when I started working with Alex and Will, they basically showed me what I need to do.


They showed me how to use Facebook to talk to all of you. I used to see Facebook as a place where someone who just don't have anything to do with their lives and just talk about random stuff about their lives. Then, I realized that Facebook is where we can all communicate, where we can all talk to our target market.


I'm talking to you right now. You are my target market, because you're a physical therapist, you're an occupational therapist, or your speech therapist, and I want you to know what you can do besides working the 9-to-5 job. I'm here to help you.


It may not be my model. It may not be Jessica's model, it may not be Scott's model; but whatever model works for you, look for that model. Find a style or business model that fits your personality, then look for someone who has done it and follow their path or even improve what path they've taken, and learn from it.


I'm ranting right now because I'm tired of hearing complaints. I'm tired of hearing therapists saying what they want to do but are doing nothing. I'm sick of hearing that.


Why am I sick of hearing you? I'm from the Philippines region. I came here in 1997, three weeks after getting married. I only had 3 weeks of honeymoon with my wife and I had to come over because I had a contract to fulfill. Compare yourself to that.


I travel thousands of miles to come here in pursuit of the American dream. If the person like me, an immigrant from the Philippines, came here and establish his own business, went through all the obstacles, trials and errors, then why can't you?


You can do it. You just have to believe in yourself and tell yourself that you’re going to set your mind and you’re going to do this, because if you don't, who will? If not now, when? If it's not you, then who will make that change for you and your family? You think the government will? No, the government can shut down in you. There's no such thing as job security.


You got to make the change that you want. You got to put effort into change that you want.


I'm challenging right now. What are you going to do? If you hate your situation, you hate your 9-to-5 job right now. You want to do something else? My question to you is what are you gonna do? Are you just gonna talk about it and complain about it? What are you going to do? I'm challenging you.


Tell me what you're going to do, and the next question is, are you going to do it? Or you just gonna complain about it, go home, talk to your partner that you hate it and it gave you too much patience, you hate the productivity, and all that? You can complain all you want, but what are you going to do about it? 


If you're going to do it, the time is now. There's no such thing as perfect timing. You have to take action.


We are in the country that’s called “The Land of Opportunity”. It's true. There's a lot of opportunity around this. But opportunity will only come to those who want to take action.


I'm giving you an opportunity to learn the different business models. That's why we came up with REHABpreneur Online Summit. I showed you different business models through different speakers who've done it and still doing it. They’re not just theories or something you read in the books.


How can you do it? These guys have done it. 

Rob Vining, PT

“Telehealth for Rehab Professionals”


Rob is an expert in Telehealth. He basically laid out on how you can start Telehealth from the ground up and what you need to do.


If you still have excuses after watching these speakers and after showing you what you need to do, then that's on you.


I like what Bill Gates said that if you were born poor, that's not your fault because you can't choose the kind of family you're going to be born with. But if you die poor, that's your fault because you didn't do anything about it.

Will Butler

“Financial Preparation Precedes Entrepreneurial Performance”


Will is a physical therapist turned financial advisor. He spoke about how you can make money while doing business to make sure your bases are covered.


He discussed what can happen if you make money in your business and then you die one day without financial planning: What's going to happen to you? What's going to happen to your family?


He showed us the things you can do to plan for your future. What better way to learn how to plan financially than from a physical therapist like Will.

Dr. Michael Chua, PT, DPT

MisUnderstanding Dementia”


Mike is a physical therapist from Martin, Tennessee. He basically taught us how you can come up with a book to establish your authority as the expert.


He wrote the book “MisUnderstanding Dementia”. Is he the only person that knows anything about dementia? No, but because he wrote the book “MisUnderstanding Dementia”, he now positioned himself as an authority in the physical therapy world or in the rehab world as a person who knows about dementia. He even got a certification as a dementia practitioner and he can help you get certified.


Now, he's getting invitation across the globe. He got invited in Japan to talk about this topic.


Guys, there's no excuses. I want you to be stronger than your excuses. If there's one thing I can leave with you today after this video, it is for you to be stronger than your excuses. Enough is enough.


Do what you got to do for your family. Find out your WHY: Why are you supposed to do what you got it? If your why is strong enough, you'll do it. If your why is not strong enough, you're not going to do it.


Have a good day, guys!