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REHABpreneur Podcast

Jun 17, 2019

Hey guys! This is Bert with REHABpreneur Podcast.


Today, I have a special guest from San Antonio, Texas -- she is one of the occupational therapists who took my course and I will share with you her story -- Elsa Lopez. We will get to know more about Elsa through the entire podcast:


00:30 Details about Elsa Lopez and her background as an occupational therapist

01:15 Where did Elsa learn about me and my course

02:15 Elsa’s life before working with me and going through my course

03:25 Status and thoughts of Elsa regarding therapists who are feeling underpaid, underappreciated, and tired

04:20 Turning point for Elsa in deciding to work with me and take my course

05:20 Actions that Elsa took after taking the course to advance and be able to execute and have her own company

06:35 Thoughts of Elsa on how easy to follow my course

07:35 Details on Elsa’s own company (EMESSO Therapy Services)

08:00 Disciplines included in Elsa’s team

08:45 Life under her own Home Health Contracting Business vs. life as therapist prior to having a business

10:30 Elsa’s feelings upon receiving her first cheque and the succeeding ones as well as providing jobs for her colleagues

12:15 Recommending my course to her colleagues and other therapists in case she has to do it and start all over again

14:15 Elsa’s advice to other therapists (PT, OT, SLP, PTA)